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Production Notes

Filming on the Prince of Chaos sequences took place in Snowdonia in Wales. Cantwell was keen to make the footage shine, “We wanted those scenes to look like they were from a big budget, epic Hollywood production like GOT or Lord of the Rings, so we put a lot of our resources into them. We were operating on a very tight budget, so had to be quite clever to give the film within a film high production value.

We brought in a friend of mine, actor Eoin Macken. He was friendly with horse master Dylan Jones from his time on Merlin, so he helped us put that together.” Macken’s star is on the rise in the US, as he currently plays the lead in hit new NBC series The Night Shift - which coincidentally filmed in New Mexico, where The Callback Queen's six screening run took place.

“If you believe in serendipity, there have been lots of little coincidences and connections between our film and Game of Thrones”, continues Cantwell, “Our leading man Mark Killeen went on to play a significant role in season three as Mero, a vile mercenary who insults Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. Also, one of the Dothraki warriors on the show originally auditioned for the part of Prince Cal, which Eoin plays. So it’s wonderful that the whole story has come full circle. It’s a great honour to be recognised by someone of George’s calibre, his support means a lot for an independent production like ours.”

As Kate's story progresses through the film, she meets the author chracter Horatio King, based on Martin. The finale of the film culminates in scenes filmed at the BFI Cinema in London's Southbank. Kate is doing a post screening Q&A for her movie, which also foreshadowed the real life events which followed.

There is even a dinner party scene with the characters of Kate and Horatio and the director Catalano during which they discuss the series of books and become acquainted.

“Over two years after first envisioning The Callback Queen, imagine how surreal it was to be sitting in a lively Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, with the actress from my story, and the real George R. R. Martin himself. It definitely felt like Life imitating Art. From earliest casting to the North American Premiere, it's been an incredible journey.”

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