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As Deborah Whitton

One of the UK’s best loved and most popular actresses, Vicki Michelle is internationally recognised for her portrayal of Yvette in the long running BBC series 'Allo 'Allo.

She is fondly remembered by Irish audiences as Sally O'Brien from the legendary Harp commercial.

Says Graham, “Deborah is a big character, larger than life and full of energy. When Vicki came to meet us she swept into the room like a whirlwind and immediately we saw Deborah brought to life.”

She’s a really bubbly casting director”, says Vicki, “a little bit over the top, but a lot of fun and I really enjoyed playing her.”

“Graham’s been fantastic, he’s very good, he knows exactly what he wants and he gets you to do exactly what he wants, but in a lovely way. He’s gonna be one of our top directors in the country.”

About the film Vicki says, “It’s a fabulous story, what you’re reading is a script but it’s real, about real people and what actually happens. The acting is brilliant. Something nice is happening with this film, it’s a comedy, with a message, and it’s clever.”

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