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As Luci Wilkinson

One of the British acting scene’s young elite, Sophie has worked with some of the top directors in the UK including BAFTA winner Robert Young and Kidulthood director Menhaj Huda.

“For the part of Luci we saw some exceptional actresses”, says Cantwell, “making it difficult to cast in a way, but ultimately it was Sophie’s ability to capture both sides of Luci’s personality that won her the role. Once she came on board she made the character completely her own and I was thrilled with her interpretation.”

“From the moment I got the script I wanted to play her”, says Sophie, “She is a total wannabe WAG Essex girl, but the real twist is that she’s actually a great actress."

"She’s a tart with a heart, so it’s been a lot of fun to play her when she goes from chavvy to a terribly serious actress.”

For a film within the film sequence Sophie had to explore Luci’s Sapphic side. “I did have one special kissing scene with Amy, who luckily is very easy on the eye, so it was a lot more fun kissing her than some stubbly old man. We had a very funny scene as well where we had to run around in the forest, terribly in love, where we looked like a pair of lesbian fairies. We’ve had to do some really cool things together.”

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