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As Dáithí Carroll

Seán has a long career behind him in the Irish film and television industries, having starred in over 20 titles.

“The character of Dáithí was really important to me”, says director Graham Cantwell, “he is in some respects a version of myself as a young filmmaker with, on one hand the incredible confidence of youth, and on the other a crippling self doubt, so it was really important that we get the casting right.

Seán sent in a taped audition where he captured that duality perfectly. He’s got great screen presence and a wonderful sense of comic timing.”

About filming Seán says, “I really enjoyed it. The script was so good, so funny that we had a lot of laughs doing it.”

There were a few ‘bedroom’ scenes in the film, which he was naturally a bit nervous about, “I had done a few of those scenes before, but nothing to the degree we go to in this movie and I was a bit concerned about how much of myself would be on view. Graham was able to reassure me that there would be modesty patches used in the filming of those scenes. In the end I was given a sock to cover the bits that no one really wants to see. A sports sock though, not an ankle sock, a very big sports sock.”

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