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As Vincent Catalano

Leading man Mark Killeen is poised to be one of Hollywood's next big stars hailing from the United Kingdom. Since filming The Callback Queen he has appeared in Doctor Who, The Dark Knight Rises, Game of Thrones and 300: Rise of an Empire.

Says Director Graham Cantwell, We wanted Vincent to be an Alpha male, good looking, but in a rugged, manly way. When Mark came in to audition we knew wed found our guy. He was everything Vincent needed to be - handsome, imposing, confident, but underneath it all hes got the capacity to be quite sensitive and vulnerable. A rare combination.

Says Mark, Im not a rom-com kind of person, but when I read the script I loved it. 

Its a real rollercoaster of emotions and I could identify with all the characters. Vincent is a guy who, on the surface, has got everything anyone could outwardly want, but hes incredibly lonely. Then Kate comes along and shes smart, sexy and talented and he falls for her immediately.

Speaking about filming the production Mark says, I loved it. Its been a real pleasure. Graham makes you feel very safe as an actor, hes big on allowing you to make the script your own, which is very helpful.

Its been great, everyones been really friendly. Apparently they set out deliberately to have only talented and nice people working on the film. I dunno how I slipped through the net!

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