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As Joanne Webber

Kate began her career as a dancer working with Kylie Minogue and Madonna, before taking on Bollywood, the London indie film scene and recently stood in as Sandra Bullock's body double in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

She starred in the horror feature Little Deaths with Amy-Joyce Hastings.

“Amy had told me about this terrific actress she had worked with, and when I met Kate I knew we’d found Joanne”, says director Graham Cantwell, “She has a great blend of sass and sincerity that were key to making the character work.”

“Joanne’s a little bit feisty, a little bit kinky”, says Kate, “Hard edged, but it comes from a place of love."

"She’s a cool character to play. It’s a great set, everybody’s been very generous, very giving.”

“In one scene with Seán I was supposed to hit him, but not actually hit him, and of course I actually hit him. I thought I reacted with concern that I’d hurt him but you can see in the outtakes there’s just a little edge of glee in my face that I’d hit him for real that time. That was the funniest moment for me. Not for Seán.”

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