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Costume Designer

London based Costume Designer and Stylist Kasia Katner trained at the Wimbledon College of Art and specializes in costuming for screen and photo shoots. Her work has appeared in films such as Where is Berlin and Singer Songwriter Kidnapper. Apart from the big screen Kasia's work was shown at the V&A, London Children’s Ballet, Soane Museum and Hampton Court Palace.

Says Graham, “I was looking for someone with a fresh vision, someone who could capture the fashionable world of the London film industry and bring their own unique perspective to the design. I met Kasia and we talked about how she saw the film and what she would like to do with the different characters and I was sold immediately!”

“We talked ideas, clicked immediately and got to work”, says Kasia, “My approach to costuming is all about collaboration. When I read a script I can immediately envision the characters and the costumes, at least the outline."

"That vision shapes up throughout the preproduction process when I conduct the research and exchange ideas with the director and the cast. It's all about making the character as believable as possible.”

“Kasia has a phenomenal work ethic”, says Graham, “She was always the first to arrive on set and the last to leave. Her attention to detail shines through and the tiny little quirks she brought to the costumes really helped the actors find their characters.”

“There were a variety of challenges throughout the process”, continues Kasia, “but one of the biggest ones was keeping the track of continuity. There were a large number of cast involved and over 100 costumes altogether so there was plenty of details to keep an eye on."

"The overall experience of working on TCQ was great. Despite the long hours we managed to have a good giggle. Everyone involved was very easy going which made the process enjoyable. I loved every minute of it!”

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