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Award winning composer and two-time Emmy Nominee Joseph Conlan has been writing music for film & television for over thirty years. Recent scores include Mortuary (for legendary film director Tobe Hooper), Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia and for television, the series N.C.I.S.

Director Graham Cantwell says, “Composers I had worked with previously weren’t available at the time we were ready to score the film so we were casting about looking for a top level composer. One of our Exec Producers Stephen Gibson had met Joe at the Galway Film Fleadh and showed him the trailer we’d put together for the film.”

Says Joe, “I loved it instantly. It was a light and bright romantic comedy filled with beautiful, talented actors. It sucked me in the moment I began watching it. A few months later Graham asked if I’d be interested in scoring the film, and I was in. Graham and I were on the same page right from the beginning. He’d been living with the picture for quite some time and was clear on what he wanted the music to do.”

Graham adds, “We developed an instant rapport. It’s a wonderful feeling when you begin a collaboration with someone and discover that their quality control levels are just as high as yours are. Joe understood the film, the genre, and what we were trying to achieve.”

“Stylistically, dramatically, the score had to be light, romantic and energetic to support the general tone and the overall pacing of the film”, says Joe, “Guitars, celesta, piano, percussion, drums, strings and some sound design were the principal voices for this, keeping a eye on staying fresh and contemporary and avoiding any of the pitfalls of sounding cliché or dated.”

“There were a number of sequences that required different styles of music from chase scenes to romantic scenes, comic moments and high drama”, continues Graham, “We even had a film within a film that was loosely inspired by the Game of Thrones TV series, so Joe had a lot of work to do”. Joe elaborates, “The Prince of Chaos sequences required heavy themes and the full weight of orchestral sound, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The music and, not to mention, the brilliant performances transported us into the period and the setting.”

“I’m thrilled with the final result”, says Graham, “A good score goes such a long way towards creating the right atmosphere for an audience, and along with our soundtrack of contemporary music, Joe’s score provides a perfect platform for the humour and the drama to unfold in just the right way.”

On a final note Joe says, “Writing music for film is always so much easier when the film is as well constructed and inspiring as was The Callback Queen. From the script to the direction to the performances to the cinematography to the editing to my relationship with Graham, it was an absolute pleasure every step of the way to write this score.”

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