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As Nikolas

Greg Kolpakchi has found a common theme running through his on screen parts, “I’m Russian, I have Russian parents, I’ve been surrounded by that culture all my life, so I’m constantly being asked to play Russian or Eastern European parts”, he says. Recent credits include a Russian soldier in X-Men Days of Future Past and a Russian mobster in Strike Back.

So when he got a call from his agent about an audition to play Nikolas he wasn’t surprised, “Nikolas is Eastern European, athletic, handsome, stunning, funny” says Greg with a wink.

“Greg basically is Nikolas”, says director Graham Cantwell, “When he walked into the audition room we all thought ‘Here’s our guy’. Then we ran the scene and we couldn’t stop laughing, he couldn’t stop laughing”.

“Yeah, I basically corpsed a lot in my audition”, admits Greg. Despite that he landed the part.

“Greg’s wonderful”, says Graham, “He’s got such a nice energy to him, a lot of talent, good humour and he looks like a matinee idol, which really helps!”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Graham”, says Greg, “it’s been really great having him on your side. He’ll pull you to one side and speak to you, show you playback if you need it, give you notes. He’s definitely an actor’s director.”

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