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As Mary Carroll

Ger Ryan is one of Ireland's most respected actresses who has worked extensively in theatre, television and film. She has been twice nominated for a Royal Television Society Award and 6 times nominated by IFTA, winning the best actress award for her work on RTE's Stardust.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Ger from the moment I saw her in Family”, says Graham Cantwell, “she made a huge impression so when she expressed an interest in playing Mary I jumped at the chance.”

Says Ger, “When I first saw the character breakdown for Mary I was intrigued. She is from a particular generation of Irish who were brought up with very nationalist ideals, and despite the fact she’s living in England she hasn’t been able to let go of that."

"Then when I met Graham and Amy I thought they were both wonderful. I always like people who go out and actually DO it, so I said yes then and there. It was a great experience to work on the film.”

“It was wonderful having Ger around”, says Graham, “the younger actors looked up to her and she brought a lot of integrity to the production.”

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