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Writer - Director

Award winning director Graham Cantwell achieved early acclaim when his short film A Dublin Story won several awards and was short-listed for Academy Award nomination in 2004.

His first feature film Anton (internationally titled Trapped) was nominated for three IFTAs, had a 3 week theatrical release and hit the Top 10 in DVD sales charts on its release.

The Callback Queen is his second feature. Says Graham, I had wanted to make a comedy for a long time and when I moved to London and began working in the film industry here, I found this vibrant, multi cultural landscape full of larger than life characters that was perfect for the Romantic Comedy genre.

I wrote the script and we financed it independently, then set about finding a cast and crew. We were very lucky in that we found some incredible people to work with, some seriously talented actors and a very dedicated, tight knit and hard working crew. Its been a dream project, weve had so much fun making it and I think the commitment everyone has shown has translated into a very enjoyable, very funny film.

The film itself is really about following your dreams and sticking to your principles no matter what. Kates journey mirrors that of so many artists and indeed other people in all walks of life. I think the theme of never giving up and pushing through the worst that life can throw at you will resonate with people of all ages and if we can make them laugh at the same time then Ive done my job!

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