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As Prince Cal

Eoin is internationally known for starring as Sir Gwaine in BBC's smash hit Merlin. He has worked on many features with luminaries such as Mike Figgis and Neil Marshall. He is now making it big in the US in the new NBC series The Night Shift in which Eoin plays the lead role of TC Callahan.

“I’ve known Eoin for years but never got the chance to work with him”, says Cantwell, “He’s extremely talented, and got a great screen presence, so when the role of Prince Cal came up I called him up and asked if he’d be interested.”

Says Eoin, “Graham is a very good friend, and I think he is very talented. I wasn't actually around when he was making the rest of the feature itself. So he was adding on this cameo part, this film with a film, and he asked me would I do it and I said ‘Sure’."

“I'd do anything for Graham because I think he's great, and the film is actually really good. A rom-com is hard to do well, it's easy to make them crap, they're hard to make interesting, but he's made a very interesting, funny film.”

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