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As Peter Towne

The role of Peter is a crucial one in the film", says Graham, "He is the only person not really caught up in the craziness of the showbiz world. He's on the outside looking in, and provides a perspective that the audience can identify with."

"I had worked with Ben previously and he is one of the most talented and generous actors I know, in fact the part was written for him. We did torture him a little bit by making him read for the part, but it was always his. He has great comic timing, but also an ability to bring depth to a character that in a lesser actor's hands could have been quite incidental."

Says Ben, "
Playing Peter was a lonely feeling in a sense that he was so detached from Kate's world that he had to be intoxicated in his own hobbies and friends."

"He is a simple guy, makes his money and lives for the weekend. His relationship with Kate is fun and they adore each other but he is starting to struggle with the tension that her career is causing in their home life."

In contrast to their on screen struggles Ben and Amy-Joyce had a ball on set. "Working on The Callback Queen was so much fun", says Ben, "Graham created such a relaxed atmosphere and working alongside Amy created so many laughs. The cast and crew all got on so well that we didn't want it to end!"

"The sex scenes were the funniest, not sexy at all! In fact wearing a willy sock became a novelty and I'm sure the crew were jealous! My fav moment was calling Kate 'pickle' out of the blue and that became her nickname. I miss my pickle!!!!"

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