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“In the early stages of production I was planning to shoot the film myself”, says director Graham Cantwell, “We were looking at a very streamlined crew and I had shot a lot of my own work before."

"Then I got a message from Anthony Bowes, a cinematographer I had worked with previously on a few smaller projects, offering to loan me his camera support equipment.”

“I flew from Dublin to London a day before filming began”, says Anthony, “I offered to help Graham establish the tone of the film with regards to the lighting and style of camera work. By the end of the first day he asked me to come on board as cinematographer, which I was delighted to do.”

“It made a lot of sense”, adds Graham, “Anthony has a very quiet, efficient, methodical approach to his work and after a single day of filming it became quite clear that he was freeing me up to concentrate on the performances, he was invested and had a good eye for the genre.”

“Quietly I have always had a soft spot for a good well put together rom-com”, confirms Anthony, “So for me to have the opportunity to film one was a great experience. In the tradition of the Hollywood style and format of any successful romantic comedy, I wanted ours to be on the same level in quality and vibrancy, yet still offering its own unique style. The great thing about this genre is being able to make the cast look as good as they can in every shot, using soft key light and gentle backlights.”

“We were pretty much on the same page from the start”, says Graham, “I had watched a ton of rom-coms as research so we knew what we were after, and from our previous work together we had a shorthand that cut down on discussions on set.”

Anthony agrees, “It was good to finally get stuck into a long term project together. Graham was a pleasure to work alongside as he clearly knew what he wanted to achieve with all the elements of the film from start to finish. For a DP to work with a director that visually can translate what he wants, it makes the process a lot easier and fun to bring to life. The Callback Queen is one of those projects you hoped all jobs would be as enjoyable to be a part of, such a wonderful bunch of talented cast and crew.”

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